School Board Elect

Elected School Board Is A Distraction, Not A Solution

Late last week, a bill to create an elected school board in Chicago passed a senate committee.  Predictably, this early (and mostly insignificant) step in the legislative process was met by a chorus of celebratory voices heralding the importance of getting an elected schools board in the city. While I’m not opposed to an elected […]

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chance at podium

3 Stupid, Racist Responses to Chance’s $1 Million Dollar Action

Yesterday Chance the Rapper announced a $1-million-dollar donation to Chicago Public Schools and a call to action on the part of his fellow celebrities and his fans.  The press conference and the gift were in response to an “unsuccessful” meeting between Chance and Governor Bruce Rauner about the $215 million dollars that the governor has […]

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Chance the Rapper

We Don’t Have to Critique the Joy Out of Everything

Yes, $1,000,000 is a not going to solve a $215,000,000 problem, but it does put forth an important question that should cause all Chicagoans to pause. On Monday, Chance the Rapper’s donation to CPS asked the question, “Are there 215 individuals in the city of Chicago who have the means to end this crisis?” 215 […]

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Black Voices, Black Choices: “Educating the masses versus individuals only delays the children’s development.”

For many Black families, education is about finding a school that affirms their children’s identity as African Americans. Many schools glaze over the contributions Black people have made to this country. Black families want their children to learn about the greatness of their people so that their children can do the same.  Meet Shawndra Young: What is […]

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