Is Chicago Public Schools the Scrooge?

Chicago teacher and award-winning blogger Marilyn Rhames may have it figured out: As a kid, I had a love-hate relationship with “A Christmas Carol,” the Charles Dickens tale that plays out in black and white TV every December. I loved the character of Tiny Tim, a poor sickly boy whose kindness and grit gets rewarded […]

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Four Things Parents Want From Santa

When I was in the early grades in my Chicago Public School on the west side, this was the time of year that we wrote letters to Santa. By third grade, I was pretty sure that Santa wasn’t real (or at least that my neighborhood wasn’t on his route), but there was something comforting about […]

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Is There A Double Standard in CTU Contract Negotiations?

Yesterday the Chicago Teachers Union roundly rejected a contract offer from the Chicago Public Schools.  The offer was described by CPS CEO Forrest Claypool as containing “a short-term sacrifice” in return for overall pay increases and other concessions.  The CTU said that Claypool’s “short-term sacrifice” would amount to “long-term pain” for the teachers they represent. […]

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Why Aren’t Education Reform Leaders in Chicago Stepping Up?

Here’s a fact: education reform (school choice, teacher accountability, high expectations and school autonomy) is the not the cause of the impending teacher strike in Chicago. Here’s another fact: it is becoming increasingly difficult for the public to perceive that the first fact is true. That’s because there is a sad juxtaposition playing out in […]

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Dear Chicago Teacher’s Union: Put Children First

I am a proud Chicago Public Schools parent. Like many Chicago parents, I mostly like what I see happening in my child’s school. My daughter is a good student and has the support of caring teachers and a principal who is trying new things. But like many Chicago parents, I’m frustrated by the political and […]

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Student Voice Is Essential for School Improvement

I’ve written before at some of the good things happening at Namaste Charter School. But today I’ll be writing about some of the challenges my child’s school is currently facing. We’re in a leadership transition, which is always a tough time for any school. In summer 2014, Namaste’s founding principal made way for a successor. […]

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