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Don’t Make Excuses For Jobless Youth

Nearly half of Black men ages 20-24 are out of school and out of work.  That is according to a report released this week by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute.  This unemployment rate is higher than the unemployment rates of Black men in other major cities in America.  Some have suggested […]

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My Charter School Taught Me Relationships Matters

The power of relationship can never be understated. Throughout my life I have heard phrase after phrase that illumines this point: “It isn’t what you know but who you know.” “No one cares what you know until they know that you care.” Relationship matters. Every successful person knows this and can point to people who […]

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Are We Equal? Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools students are asking the question, “Are We Equal?” in a video created by LUMA. The 3-minute video addresses recent budget cut proposals and strategically breaks down why this is happening. What are your thoughts? Sound off below.

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Let’s fix school funding before we talk about a state takeover

Today in Chicago the two leaders of the Republican Legislative Caucuses (Senator Christine Rodogno and Representative Jim Durkin) introduced a plan to allow Chicago Public Schools to declare bankruptcy and thereby enter a form of state receivership in which the Illinois State Board of Education comes in and takes over the management of the school […]

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Chicago Parent Shares Why She Loves KIPP Bloom Denise is the guardian of 3 of her grandchildren. The children have faced a lot of difficulties in their early lives and she’s working hard to bring them some much needed love, support, and stability. The number of children being raised by grandparents in Chicago has been on the rise for a long time. […]

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AstroTurf or Hypocrisy? CTU Please Let Us Know

The term “AstroTurf” comes to mind.   You know, that’s what they call it when the financial resources behind a certain set of political activities are intentionally hidden in order to make it seem like the messages, ideas and activities originate from and are supported by the grassroots.  And it certainly came to mind when […]

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