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I’ll Tell You What Parents Resist: Low-Performing Schools

The Walton Foundation won’t be funding charter work in Chicago any time soon. That news came to charter school and school quality advocates as an undeniable setback for a movement that has engaged thousands of parents and provided access to college and careers for multiplied thousands of students in Chicago. But it also seemed to […]

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Turns Out Karen Lewis and Bruce Rauner Have a Lot in Common

Yesterday at a City Club of Chicago luncheon, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis equated Governor Bruce Rauner with Islamic State terrorists. She suggested that his behavior is equivalent to “acts of terror on poor and working-class people.” That’s a very harsh comment. Even if it is being directed at a governor who seems content […]

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Video: Because They Can; Kim Wilborn’s Story

If teachers raise the bar for their students, they’ll discover that the students will rise to the occasion or even surpass it. That is what happened to Perspective’s Charter student, Kim Wilborn. Watch the video below to learn more about Kim’s story. This story was originally shared on Education Post.

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