#Budget4IL Twitter Chat: Recap

On May 17, 2016 a group of concerned citizens discussed the Illinois budget (or lack thereof) under the #Budget4IL hashtag on Twitter. To view the entire thread, follow us at @ChicagoUnheard. [View the story “#Budget4IL Twitter Chat: Recap” on Storify]

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Low-income school districts caught in a statistical crossfire

As the wait for an Illinois budget continues, schools across the state are searching for alternative ways to secure funding. Low-income schools are stuck in the middle. “When the Republicans talk about how much Chicago spends per pupil, they always inflate the number by counting the money CPS puts into its pension fund,” Manar said. […]

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Home-schooled 16-year-old Illinois Girl to Enter PH.D. Program

In addition to celebrating her “Sweet 16”, 16-year-old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry will start a PH.D. program in aviation psychology this Fall. The scholar was home-schooled by her family in Great Lakes Naval Station, in North Chicago, and began her college career at the age of 11. “I feel honored for the opportunity to help others at an […]

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