WTH: Fix Illinois’ School Funding System

“A step in the right direction” “Moving Chicago students “toward equality” “An important step forward” These are words that leaders around Illinois were using to describe the school funding reform bill that narrowly passed out of the State Senate yesterday. These statements don’t make me feel like we are on the brink of any kind of […]

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Join the #Budget4IL Twitter Chat on May 17th!

What will it take to get equitable funding in Illinois? That seems to be the mystery question as the state waits for Gov. Bruce Rauner to approve a budget. Join us on May 17, 2016 at 8 p.m. as we discuss the matter at hand. Our panel includes: Chris Butler (Chicago Unheard), Peter Cunningham (Education Post) […]

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Homeschool Is School Too: Happy #TeacherAppreciationDay

It has been a crazy day. But, it’s Teacher Appreciation Day and nobody has crazier days than the mighty souls charged with making sure our little ones get the education they need to protect both their futures and ours. So, if the President of the United States can find time to celebrate teachers today, I […]

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When is Student Appreciation Week in Chicago?

This week is #TeacherAppreciationWeek and if anyone tells you this week isn’t necessary, they’re clearly out of their mind. Teachers play a huge role obviously in the development of our children and help shape our children’s character. There are plenty of teachers who go above the call of duty in the name of education. They […]

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