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There Are Still Gunshots Outside My Window Even After President Obama’s Speech

Yesterday my husband and I watched the Democratic National Convention while anticipating President Obama’s speech. Prior to him being introduced they played a video highlighting some of the President’s most pivotal moments. I remembered most of them, but two in particular stood out: I will never forget when the President cried over the innocent children and adults who lost their […]

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Michael Jordan Speaks Out Against Gun Violence

The G.O.A.T. has spoken and spoken loudly. Michael Jordan has broken his silence on the shootings of African Americans and the targeting of police and he did it in a big way. Not only has he released a verbal statement, he also made $1M in contributions to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the International […]

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Can A Little Rebranding Save Struggling Public Schools In Chicago?

CITY HALL — Can a simple rebranding resolve such issues as segregation and resource disparities in Chicago Public Schools? It can’t hurt, some alderman say. WBEZ reported last week that new schools and additions tend to be built in well-to-do white areas, while overcrowded or underused schools in minority areas have to soldier on. That finding was nothing […]

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