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Parents = The Primary Teacher

Parenting is a pretty tough job. It demands all of you- then even a little more. Their child seems to be their world and they do everything necessary to help them survive. However, once the child enters school, there seems to be a dramatic shift. As a former public school teacher, I often wonder why […]

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F— The Police

I’m going to have to stand in a pulpit with the team of church leaders at my church in Englewood on Sunday. Our congregation is Black. Our community is Black. We are Black. It will be difficult do leave the issue of the execution of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the countless other Black […]

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A Tribute To Abner Mikva: A Giant Among Men

I heard Abner Mikva’s story before I ever met Abner Mikva. I was a 7th grader on the Westside of Chicago – desperately addicted to Windy City politics, community organizing and the like – when I picked up Milton Rakove’s “We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent”. The title was taken from a story that was […]

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Yesterday Was Not a Win

Illinois passed a budget yesterday to ensure that schools would open in the fall ­ this was not a win. Legislators did nothing but pass a stopgap budget. Speaker Madigan touts this effort as an achievement. But this “achievement” is merely a Band­Aid on a fractured spine. This stopgap budget only came about because the […]

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