5 Lessons from Donald Trump

Today President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump to begin to discuss the transition between their two presidencies.  These men could not be more different in terms of their backgrounds, policies, lifestyles and beliefs.  But, the peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of American democracy.  So, President Obama will respect tradition and the […]

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This Is Why We Can’t Move Forward

Eight years ago I was working for a small nonprofit organization in Evanston. The work was rewarding and equally stressful, which made is easy to air my frustrations from time to time.  So one day, my supervisor/mentor and I were talking about programming and I was complaining about everything that was wrong with the organization, […]

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No Role Models: The Audacity of Lil Wayne

Earlier today I was watching a Nightline clip in which an interviewer was asking famed rapper, Lil Wayne, about his views on the Black Lives Matter movement.  Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. hasn’t really been known for being “woke” but I was extremely shocked and disappointed to hear his responses to the questions, especially considering the […]

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