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Chicago Public Schools at it Again

Chicago Public Schools often manages to get in their own way by not focusing on what’s most important (in this case the education of our children) and leaning into their values (equity, fairness, justice, and accountability). Earlier this month CPS released a request for proposals (RFP) for 40 of the school buildings they closed in 2013. As noted […]

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UP Boys

Chicago (and Illinois) Celebrates School Choice Week

This week is National School Choice Week.  All across America, people are celebrating the advances that we have made on creating more school options for students and families.  Even though you might not find big rallies and parades making much of this fact, don’t forget that Chicago is a school choice city. The city is […]

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President Obama, We Still Need You

Hi President Obama, I heard that you are coming to Chicago this week to deliver a “farewell” address.  I can’t say that I’m not excited about that.  You have given us so many truly iconic moments over the past ten years; I’m sure this one will be amazing.  The only thing is that I can’t […]

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