Welcome to Chicago Unheard. Founded in November 2015, we believe it’s time to rethink education in Chicago.

Let’s face it, the public conversation around schools and education in Chicago is unfairly one-sided.  While polling consistently shows that Chicagoans, particularly African Americans, generally support the objectives of school reform, the voices of anti-reform parties are amplified in ways that distort this reality.  Additionally, the only voices from the reform community that regularly reach the mainstream are the voices of executive leadership within education reform organizations and charter schools which inaccurately portrays the education reform movement as a complete fabrication of elites outside of the impacted communities.

The reality is that education reform in Chicago has had a positive impact on a large number of students, families and communities in Chicago.  Almost 50,000 students attend public charter schools and 19,000 more sit on waiting lists.  School turnarounds have rescued underperforming schools and made major contributions to the surrounding communities.  And hundreds of educators are finding the fulfillment of their dream to impact the lives of children working in non-traditional school environments.

It is our mission to share real stories with you. Welcome, to Chicago Unheard.

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