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Chicago (and Illinois) Celebrates School Choice Week

This week is National School Choice Week.  All across America, people are celebrating the advances that we have made on creating more school options for students and families.  Even though you might not find big rallies and parades making much of this fact, don’t forget that Chicago is a school choice city. The city is […]

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Can Arne Duncan Save Chicago?

They called him the Cobra in Australia, where he played pro basketball for four years. Maybe it was the way he would languidly uncoil his 6-foot-5 frame before striking with his jumper. Not even Arne Duncan himself knows why a “crazy announcer” gave him the nickname—and likely never will: “That guy’s dead.” The moniker seems […]

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Not “everybody” happy with new teachers’ deal

I didn’t see any reporters hanging around my child’s school in Englewood (or another community) Tuesday morning. If they had been there, they may have discovered something that I know first-hand. Contrary to what a North Side parent wrote in a Sun-Times story Tuesday, not “everybody” is happy with the deal that the Chicago Teachers Union and […]

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Ald. Brookins Against Teacher Strike

On October 11, Chicago public school teachers may go on strike for the second time in four years, not including an illegal one-day strike last Spring. Eighty-seven percent of union members voted to support the strike but the vote was criticized for intimidating teachers who might be opposed to the planned walkout. Pro-union politicians, including Alderman Howard Brookins and State Representative LaShawn Ford have publicly […]

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