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Level the Odds for Black and Latino Students

I am growing increasingly bothered and bored by the stories of Black or Latino students who excel in schools around high crime, poverty stricken areas, that describe them as having “beat the odds.” It has become this sensationalized story that is not even unique anymore.Beating the odds should not have to be the case. Society […]

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Michael Jordan Speaks Out Against Gun Violence

The G.O.A.T. has spoken and spoken loudly. Michael Jordan has broken his silence on the shootings of African Americans and the targeting of police and he did it in a big way. Not only has he released a verbal statement, he also made $1M in contributions to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the International […]

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Yesterday Was Not a Win

Illinois passed a budget yesterday to ensure that schools would open in the fall ­ this was not a win. Legislators did nothing but pass a stopgap budget. Speaker Madigan touts this effort as an achievement. But this “achievement” is merely a Band­Aid on a fractured spine. This stopgap budget only came about because the […]

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